How to improve communication within the Team:

The Obeya Room

Tuesday 25 May 2021

We are always looking for the best solutions to optimise teamwork and that's why we decided to adopt the Obeya concept.

The aim of Obeya is to improve the level of communication, speed up the decision-making process, reduce the start-up time of a new project and be on time in all the steps of the design review process.

The human element is the center of this method, by involving all participants in the project and giving value to people.

Obeya is a visual method, in which the main information of the project is represented on a board in a simplified way, and divided among the person in charge of each phase of the project.

Obeya is also a learning method: teams learn to evaluate the voice of customers, see problems as soon as they arise, resolve problems quickly and efficiently in order to protect customers, create and use standards that improve quality and remove variability in their process, and collaborate with the whole organization. Each role is assigned to a member of the project team, who can identify personal tasks and deadlines.

Periodically, the team meets in a stand-up meeting of 15-20 minutes, where the progress of the work is checked and critical points are kept in mind.

Each participant checks what needs to be done before the next meeting and discusses with the team to find a solution to any bottlenecks.

The objectives are to make each step of the work visible to all; to maintain a constant and periodic overview of the progress of the project; to strengthen the team spirit and to get the group to intercept and solve a problem effectively without delegating it.

With this lean approach to project management, we can easily identify unnecessary tasks, solve problems ourselves and save time and energy to focus on customer satisfaction, time to market and cost containment.