Delivering turn-key systems in the global flue gas treatment market since the 1960s


Founded in the United States during the 1960s, Tri-Mer is focused on devising useful solutions to make industries and their processes more green and sustainable for the environment. Thanks to the experience gained in over half a century of activity and to the competence of its technicians, our company develops advanced systems for even the most difficult air pollution control, customized solutions capable of optimizing processes and serving the most diverse production sectors on a global scale. With an emphasis on innovation, development and commercialization, Tri-Mer has created a Join Venture in Europe to expand the Market worldwide and added several new technologies – including the widespread application of the ceramic filters and pollution control options to match more stringent local Authorities regulations. We understands the importance that progressive companies place on state-of-the-art technology with continuous focus on environmental care.

How we work
How we work

Each system is uniquely developed to be highly effective; guaranteeing high performance standards and maximum operational flexibility, thanks to the collaboration with partners specialized in the design and production of custom fabricated solutions to meet our customer's needs. Tri-Mer offers everything necessary for the control of pollutants and the management necessary to deliver these solutions as equipment, from feasibility studies and consultancy of latest technologies to the execution of the engineering, design and implementation of the solution around the world.


Tri-Mer is first and foremost a solutions provider, developing flue gas treatment systems for a multitude of industries and processes. From treating high temperature glass furnace emissions to highly corrosive battery production fumes, and many others, we will leverage our vast experience to deliver a quality and compliant options to meet whatever your plant or process needs.



Tri-Mer Corporation (US)
Tri-Mer Corporation is a technology leader in air pollution control, offering both dry and wet solutions to air pollution challenges. We offer complete turnkey project delivery and project management.

Nol-Tec Europe (Europe + Chile)
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Flamegroup (Chile)
Specialized company in control systems for burners and industrial boilers. Emission monitoring and control. We install and maintain these systems that allow a safe, reliable and efficient operation of the plant.

BK Tech (Sweden)
BKtech's solutions for sustainable energy production include everything from analysis, design, planning and construction of complete industrial and energy plants, to service, maintenance and operation as well as supply of fuel pellets.

Envisolid (Spain)
We are a company specialized in advising and offering customized solutions for the handling of bulk and powder solids in the industrial processes of screening, milling, mixing, valves and transport.

Ornatus Industrial Tech LTD (Israel)
We offer process solutions and equipment to the the chemical, mineral, pharma and food industries. We represent leading equipment manufacturers from around the world and provide technical support to our customers.