Glasstec 2022

Glasstec 2022

Thursday 06 October 2022

Tri-Mer Global Technologies during our participation in Glasstec 2022 had the opportunity to showcase our innovative technologies related to the glass industry sector.

Tri-Mer Global has the capability to resolve many of the complexities associated with air pollution control, with the development of high-performance solutions and systems that reduce the fumes and harmful gases emitted from glass production processes.

Following pollution abatement, the hot fumes can be transferred to other processes that allow the recovery of the heat itself allowing the supply of electricity through ORC plants.

Here are 3 of our leading technologies in this field:

Catalytic Ceramic Filter System - Container Glass

  •         2x450 tpd furnace
  •         WHR downstream
  •         PM, NOx and SO2
  •         Start-up 2020
  •         Compliance verified

SCR System - Float Glass

  •         650 tpd furnace
  •         Operating T:375°C
  •         Ammonia solution storage and injection
  •         NOx from 1500 to 400 mg/Nm3
  •         Start-up 2021
  •         Compliance Verified

Waste Heat Recovery - Container Glass

  •         480 tpd furnace
  •         Heat exchanger with thermal oil on raw gas
  •         High availability flue gas cooling before filter
  •         4.0 MW recovered, feeding power generation with ORC
  •         Start-up 2022