As NOx emission limits get lower and lower, Tri NOx® is the best available technology

especially if the emission is at a relatively low temperature

Tuesday 30 March 2021


the exhaust is at low temperature (“below” stands for around less than 200°C) …


the NOx load is high, doesn’t matter how much high…


the local regulations are increasing their severity…

This is the natural field of action of the Tri-NOx®, a proprietary surprising technology of Tri-Mer.

Tri-NOx® may abate NOx up to “zero instrumental” value, if needed, starting from any inlet load. There are applications of this technology that start from 90,000+ mg/Nm3 and ensure 5 mg/Nm3 at the stack. It is not an isolated case: for Tri-NOx such heavy duty performance is the normality. Nowadays the World is called to make any effort in order to move away the nightmare of a destructive Global Warming and so the Governments are acting towards emission limits tougher and tougher.

Tri-NOx is a piece of equipment that allows any scenario to be possible and a sudden restriction in NOx emission limit may be faced with no hardware modifications and only few adjustments of the set-points in the PLC.

So, for instance, one may pass, with the same Tri-NOx unit, from 200 to 2,000 mg/Nm3 and from an imposed limit at the stack of 20 instead of the previous 250 mg/Nm3, without modifying anything. Just turning up or down a few virtual knobs in the HMI of the PLC. Tri-NOx will adjust the run to the new conditions in a few minutes as if nothing happened.

Tri-Mer has got hundreds of Tri-NOx® installations, worldwide in many industrial sectors such as: Chemicals Processing, Military, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Metals Processing.