Diesel and gas engine flue gas treatment

Dust, SOx, NOx, CO abatement… with a return on investment!

Tuesday 22 December 2020

Tri-Mer Global is able to provide a multitude of solutions for the treatment of the exhausts of engines.

In the presence of dust, the temperature of the exhaust – typically 280-400°C – perfectly aligns with the application of our Ceramic Filter technology , treating all the pollutants at the same time, with efficiency above 90% for PM, SOx, and NOx. This creates the ideal environment for heat recovery on clean flue gases; flue gases with <2 mg/Nm3 of PM and low acid gas dew points.

The high removal efficiency of SOx allows for using fuels with high sulphur content, realizing savings that can repay for the system in a few years.

When highly efficient removals of NOx and CO are the main problem, our combined catalytic systems are the most suitable solutions, with operating range from 150°C to 400°C. Either urea or aqueous ammonia reagents can be used for this purpose.

These solutions can be applied on either stationary or on-board engines, and are suitable at a wide range of sizes, from a few MW plants to larger scale power plants.

Tri-Mer supplies turnkey systems that include DSI, reagent storage, and waste dust storage, delivering solutions with guarantees on removal and consumption performance; the design is focused on pre-assembled and pre-tested units that are skid delivered when the size allows.

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