Whirl / Wet Dust Collector Specifications

Whirl/Wet Dust Collector Specifications


For dusts 3 microns
and above

The Whirl/Wet dust collector is a submerged split orifice type dust collector with opposed fixed blades that create a centrifugal motion to the gas stream.

The entrained liquid is separated from the gas stream, by an integral chevron or mesh pad mist eliminator, as air flow exits the vessel. Sludge must be removed periodically or continuously from the drain at the bottom of the hopper.

The Whirl / Wet dust collector can be fabricated from several materials: homogenous, virgin-grade, UV-resistant polypropylene homopolymer, mild steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, mild steel, or PVC. Units are hydrostatically tested at the factory. The maximum temperature rating for polypropylene units is 180°F. Standard design for all units is up to 20″ of negative pressure. Total pressure loss for the dust collector is 8″. Higher operating pressures are available.

Bolted access ports are provided for inspection of the interior and removal of the mist eliminator elements. Gasket made from closed cell PVC foam is provided. Hardware is 316 S.S. maximum bolt torque 10#.

The Whirl / Wet dust collector is designed for particulate 3 micron and above.

1) Intent

This Specification defines the design requirements, the quality and types of workmanship and materials, and the performance standards and guarantees for equipment, materials and services supplied by Tri-Mer Corporation.

2) Scope

The vendor (Tri-Mer Corporation) furnishes the Whirl / Wet dust collector with auxiliaries and options described herein. The system includes but is not limited to the following:

  • All dust collector internals necessary to provide adequate liquid-process stream contact in order to achieve dust collector performance.
  • Mist eliminator to achieve entrained liquid separation.
  • Flanged connections for all external water fill, water makeup and drain piping as required and optioned.
  • Controls if optioned, to automatically feed make-up water, control liquid level, monitor pressure, operate sludge ejector and or discharge timed drain down from the Wet Dust Collector.
  • Fan if optioned.
  • Complete shop coating of required areas with Tri-Mer Coat or resistant paint for external surfaces.
3) Design Requirements
  • This wet dust collector is a medium energy type collector. Internals are equipped with a fixed-position dual opposed blade system and are designed to prevent the buildup of solids.
  • The Wet dust collector shell is manufactured from polypropylene, stainless steel or mild steel. Vendor evaluates materials and selects the most appropriate material for this service. Hastelloy also available.
  • The Wet Dust Collector shell is provided with access ports / doors to allow limited access to the internals of the unit. The Dust Collector shell shall be equipped with flanged pipe connections for the introduction of fill and makeup water as well as drainage.
  • The Wet Dust Collector is equipped with a corrosion resistant lower reservoir section which is designed to prevent solids accumulation and allows for ease of drainage and discharge of slurry.
  • The Wet Dust Collector is equipped with a high efficiency (95% @ 15 micron and larger) mist eliminator of chevron blade type. Material for the mist eliminator is PVC or stainless steel.
  • The fan is manufactured from (FRP, mild steel, stainless steel), or a material equally suitable for the environment.
  • The fan and motor shall be designed for a static pressure capability of at least the 8″ pressure drop through the Dust Collector plus external pressures for the customer’s ductwork losses.
  • Sound levels generated by the Vendor-furnished equipment during normal operation are at or below 85 dBA-weighted, slow response, under free field condition, at a horizontal distance of 10 feet from the surface of sound generation.
  • The Vendor as optioned will furnish silencers.
  • Vendor will provide electric motor drives for each fan. Vendor is responsible for the selection of the motor characteristics and the motor mounting.
  • All electrical equipment provided by the vendor will be supplied in NEMA rated enclosures.
  • Equipment manufactured by Tri-Mer Corporation is warranted under the standard Tri-Mer Corporation one-year warranty. All purchased components are warranted under the respective manufacturer warranty.
4) Standard Supplied Components

Standard purchased components furnished on the Tri-Mer Corporation Whirl / Wet Dust Collectors are as follows:

  • Gems Level Switches, factory mounted for high and low liquid level alarms.
  • Dwyer Photohelic differential pressure gage and solenoid valve for automated water level control. Hayward or equal manual valves for water fill.
  • ASCO or equal electrically actuated solenoid valves for auto water fill.
  • Schedule 80 PVC plumbing.
  • Vinyl tubing with traps for differential pressure connections.
  • Fan (See Options)
5) Components Supplied By End User
  • Tie downs, guy wires, anchor bolts and foundations.
  • Field assembly.
  • Field wiring.
  • Fresh water and drain piping to supplied 150# flanges.
  • Mating flanges to customer connections, hardware and gaskets.
  • Interconnecting duct. (See Options).
  • Heat tracing and insulation.

Wet Dust Collector Options

Electrical Control Panel:
  • An electrical control panel with NEMA rated enclosure and fused main disconnect switch. Designed for 460 volt / 3-phase – 60 hertz electrical supply. Internal components of the control panel are pre-wired and terminal blocks are provided for connection of external control components to be done by contractor.
  • A motor starter to operate the exhaust fan with pushbutton controls mounted on the front of the enclosure. Power lines to the motor must be furnished and installed by the installation contractor.
  • Electrical devices are designed and built in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC). No other codes, standards, or specifications are followed unless a specific agreement has been obtained in writing.


Timed Drain Down:
  • Periodic draining of sludge from the bottom of the hopper can be controlled automatically by components supplied in this package. A pneumatically-actuated butterfly valve is provided for the hopper drain connection.
  • The frequency of opening and the interval during which the valve remains open are controlled by adjustable timers which are mounted in the control panel. If a control panel is not optioned, the components are mounted in a J-Box on the Whirl / Wet. A pressure regulator with lubricator with gage, solenoid valves and ball valves are provided for the air line to the actuator. Air piping is not supplied.
Equalizer Option:

The Tri-Mer Corporation trade mark Equalizer continuously drains liquid out of the hopper, while simultaneously keeping the proper level in the Whirl / Wet.

Corrosion Resistant Liner:

(Mild Steel Units Only) Whirl / Wets fabricated from mild steel can be coated with a coal tar epoxy liner. This coating has excellent adhesion characteristics, superior abrasion resistance, and provides excellent corrosion resistance.

Top Mounted Blower:
  • This option allows space savings by locating the blower on top of the wet dust collector. This package includes;
  • Steel channel frame with vibration isolators or rails.
  • Interconnecting duct.
  • All hardware for connections.
PLC Interface:
  • A programmable logic controller (PLC) controls of system functions. The programmable controller shall be mounted within the control panel enclosure.
  • The programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is Allen Bradley or equal.

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