Wet Scrubber Pilot Plant

Wet Scrubber
Pilot Plant

For particulate, fumes,
oil mists


Tri-Mer offers wet scrubber pilot plants in capacities of 1000 to 3600 cfm. Wet scrubber pilot units are “turnkey,” with ducting, fans, pump and piping.

Tri-Mer has a wet scrubber for virtually every air emissions problem: particulates, fumes, gases, oil mists. Flexible rental program, and longer-term wet scrubber leasing plans provide options for process documentation, performance testing, or seasonal production.

Cloud Chamber® Wet Scrubber for Submicron Particulate
  • Eliminates particulate down to 0.1 microns.
  • 99.99%+ efficient for particulate from 0.1 to 300+ microns.
  • Highly effective as a Tail Gas Scrubber CCS.
  • Removes fumes and gases, including HCl, HF, HNO3, H2SO4, SO2, Cl2 and NH3, simultaneously with particulate.
  • Excellent, lower cost alternative to electrostatic precipitators when particulate is suspended in hot gas streams.
Fan / Separator® Wet Scrubber for Corrosive Fumes
  • Best wet scrubber technology available for sulfuric acid fumes, other common corrosives.
  • Uses 1/10th the water of other wet scrubber devices.
  • All-mechanical wet scrubber operates at 20% less brake horsepower than conventional wet scrubber devices.
  • Energy use is 15 to 20% less than comparable wet scrubber devices due to positive pressure design.
  • Fan/Separator wet scrubber is widely preferred for sulfuric acid, pickling, metal plating and battery charging fumes.
Crossflow Wet Scrubber Guarantees Operating Permit Level Out the Stack
  • Best wet scrubber technology available for sulfuric acid fumes.
  • Crossflow wet scrubber scrubs virtually all inorganic compounds.
  • Maintains stack emissions to specific PPM level for all input concentration.
  • Wet scrubber with quench accommodates inlet temperatures to 2000°F.
  • Crossflow wet scrubber operates at velocities between 150 and 500 ft./min.
Whirl Wet ® Dust Collector / Wet Scrubber for Dust and Particulate
  • Whirl / Wet scrubber is highly effective for dusts over 5 microns.
  • Suitable for both soluble and insoluble dusts, powders and fines.
  • Low water use, low energy consumption.
  • Wet scrubber system will not clog under any operating conditions.
OM-1 Oil Mist Wet Scrubber for Petroleum and Synthetic Lubricants
  • OM-1 wet scrubber accommodates multiple oil mist sources.
  • Meets new standards for oil mist exposure.
  • Cleans the air, reduces housekeeping, lowers risk of fire.
  • OM-1 wet scrubber has low pressure design that minimizes energy use.

Dry Dust Collection Pilot Plant

Tri-Flow for Submicron Particulate, Fumes
  • Proven dry dust collection technology used successfully in hundreds of applications.
  • Installations cover a wide range of air flows and pollutants.
  • Tri-Flow has a MERV 16 performance rating, and performance virtually identical to a HEPA filter.
  • System provides efficiencies of 99.999% on 0.5 micron and larger particles by weight.
  • A superior alternative for bag, cartridge and pocket filter applications.
  • Tri-Flow filters have a multi-year service life, and are easy to maintain thanks to integral pulse jet cleaning.

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