Tri-Mer Field Service Agreement

Tri-Mer Field
Service Agreement


Available in North and South America, and most locations in Europe and Asia

Tri-Mer provides expert, comprehensive maintenance, service, and repair for its catalytic filter systems, scrubbers, and dust collectors, worldwide.

Field Service Agreements are tailored to the individual customer and application, but these 6 goals are always primary:

  • To minimize equipment life cycle costs by applying Tri-Mer’s more than 60 years of APC equipment knowledge to achieve the customer’s target values, in the most cost-effective way.
  • To maintain excellent ongoing communications with plant maintenance and supervisory personnel
  • To prevent unplanned downtime, by applying predictive modeling to the scheduling of maintenance tasks
  • To keep customers informed of the latest system enhancements
  • To have in place a system that identifies potential issues before they can impact production
  • To anticipate future changes in production and be prepared with solutions to accommodate those changes


Whether the customer is in Texas – or Tokyo – Tri-Mer supports its systems from the day of installation, throughout its long service life.


Field Service Agreements are crafted for single or multi-year periods and are transferable in the event of equipment re-location or change in company ownership.

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