Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication

Custom engineering, manufacturing & installation

Tri-Mer is a custom systems manufacturer, with more than 6 decades of service to the manufacturing and process industries.

In addition to designing and manufacturing air pollution control systems of every type and scale, Tri-Mer has a strong track record in the manufacture of steel fabrications. We use Solid Works to generate plans with highest accuracy, and can receive files electronically in virtually all formats.


Tri-Mer fabricates equipment in various grades of steel and stainless steel (including heavy plate), also aluminum, titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy and other alloys. We can work with a maximum length to 37M; and our lifting capacity is 20 tons. This gives us the resources to accommodate a wide range of customer needs throughout the construction, industrial, institutional, and commercial sectors.


We also fabricate in polypro, PE and a range of engineered polymers. We provide expert product development, and can provide field erection and commissioning services for the equipment we build.

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