Plating Tanks – Case Study

Plating Tanks

 Case Study: steel processing line

The steel processing line provides continuous annealing and pickling of stainless coils for POSCO.

Tri-Mer plating tanks were originally designed for use in hard-coat and hot anodizing operations, where continuous extreme temperatures (32°F, up to 85°F and above) are standard.


Tri-Mer plating tanks are fabricated using a proprietary protocol that assures seamless structural integrity and full strength at all bend sites. The POSCO tanks were engineered by Tri-Mer to unusually close (±1.5″) tolerances, to fit an existing configuration with strict space limitations. They replaced four steel/ rubber brick-lined tanks, which were demolished as part of the project.


Each Tri-Mer polypro tank is manufactured from 1.5″ pre-stressed polypropylene sheet, and is 60′ x 6′ x 3′. Tank #1 operates 30% sulfuric acid at 212°F. Tank #2 is a mixed acid (30% nitric, 15% hydrofluoric) tank operating at 176°F.

The remaining tanks are a uniquely engineered configuration of “two tanks in one” (4 total modules) precisely sloped, with tight center-line requirements. Tank covers, also provided by Tri-Mer, are 1″ polypropylene.


Tri-Mer is a leader in advanced plating tank technology and specializes in tight design tolerances and custom shapes. Proprietary protocols developed by Tri-Mer allow polypro tanks to be manufactured in larger sizes than is otherwise practical, because thermal expansion is less of a factor. As a result, fewer tanks can often fulfill a given process requirement, at lower project cost.

POSCO operates two integrated steel mills in South Korea and a joint venture with U.S. Steel in California. POSCO is the world’s third biggest producer of crude steel, manufacturing over 30 million tons.


Posco was selected by Forbes Magazine as one of Asia’s “Fabulous 50” companies. It is the only steel company in Asia to be listed. Companies selected had revenues or market value of at least $5 billion, and the best aggregate scores for long-term profitability, sales and earnings growth.

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