Odor Control Systems – Case Study

Odor Control Systems

Case Study: Packed Bed Scrubber

StockPot, a Campbell’s Soup subsidiary, makes premium soups, sauces, chilies and marinades for the foodservice industry.

The company chose a Tri-Mer Odor Control System, a 40,000 cfm packed bed scrubber. Tri-Mer packed towers are well-suited to the foods and flavors industries and perform at efficiencies of 99% and higher. They are ideal for odors that are detectable below 1 ppm. And, where needed, they can simultaneously handle particulate as well.


Most Tri-Mer systems have a dual tower design, with packing depth determined by odor composition and the efficiency specified. Systems are engineered for maximum flexibility: if a process changes, a change of feed chemical is generally all that’s required.


The ease with which Tri-Mer systems can be modified to accommodate new conditions is one reason why Tri-Mer systems are among the most widely-specified in the world for the control of odors from food processing, as well as chemical manufacturing, industrial processes and municipal sources.

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