Industrial Scrubber Specification

Industrial Scrubbers


Tri-Mer industrial scrubbers have two stages.

The first stage removes most contaminant from the air stream and may be continuously wetted to prevent plugging. Stage two is a mist eliminator.


In a wet scrubber, water or scrubbing liquid is the media which removes pollutants from the air. When the water is recirculated, addition of fresh water is necessary to purge contaminants that accumulate and to replace evaporation losses. Fresh water may be added to the recycle either continuously or periodically.


Industrial scrubbers are often used to remove acid fumes. Strong alkali is added to the recycled scrubbing solution to neutralize the acids and maintain a neutral pH.


Tri-Mer Industrial scrubbers are fabricated from homogenous, virgin-grade, UV-resistant polypropylene homopolymer, PVC, mild steel or stainless steel. The maximum temperature rating for polypropylene units is 180°F; 140°F for PVC.

This Specification defines the design requirements, the quality and types of workmanship and materials, and the performance standards and guarantees for equipment, materials and services supplied by Tri-Mer Corporation.


The vendor (Tri-Mer Corporation) shall furnish wet scrubbers complete with auxiliaries and options described herein. The system shall include but is not limited to the following:

  • All scrubber internals necessary to provide adequate process capture and to achieve the designed performance.
  • Mist eliminator to achieve entrained liquid separation.
  • Flanged connections for all external water fill, water makeup and drain piping as required and optioned.
  • Controls if optioned, to automatically feed make-up water, control liquid level, monitor pressure.
  • Fan if optioned.
  • Complete shop coating of required areas with Tri-Mer Coat or resistant paint or external surfaces.
  • Self-contained recirculation system or remote recycle tank.
Design Requirements
  • The Wet Scrubbers shell shall be manufactured of Polypropylene, Polyvinylchloride, (PVC) Stainless steel or Mild steel. Vendor shall evaluate contaminants and select the most appropriate material for this service.
  • The Wet Scrubber shell shall be provided with access ports / doors to allow limited access to the internals of the unit. The Scrubber shell shall be equipped with flanged pipe connections or female NPT connections for the introduction of makeup and drain water as well as various types of level control, pH fittings, and recirculation liquid connections.
  • The Wet Scrubbers shall be equipped with random dumped Tri-Pack packing. The depth of the packing shall be determined per application by Tri-Mer Corp.
  • The Wet Scrubber shall be equipped with a high efficiency (95% @ 15 micron and larger) mist eliminator of the chevron blade type or a coalescing type mesh pad. (99% @ 10 micron and larger mist) Material of construction for the mist eliminator shall be PVC or polypropylene; alternate materials of construction are available.
  • The fan, if optioned, shall be manufactured from FRP, PVC/PP with coated steel impeller, stainless steel, or an equally suitable material.
  • The fan and motor shall be designed for system static pressure will per application depending on packing depth and mist eliminator selection. Pressure drop calculations through the Scrubber plus external delta P for the customer’s ductwork losses.
  • The sound levels generated by the vendor furnished equipment during normal operation shall not exceed 85 dba-weighted, slow response, under free field condition, at a horizontal distance of 10 feet from the surface of sound generation. The vendor as optioned shall furnish silencers.
  • Vendor shall provide electric motor drives for each fan. Vendor shall be responsible for the selection of the motor characteristics and the motor mounting.
  • All electrical equipment provided by the vendor shall be supplied in NEMA rated type enclosures.
  • All equipment manufactured by Tri-Mer Corporation is warranted under the standard Tri-Mer Corporation one-year warranty. All purchased components are warranted under the respective manufacturer warranty.
Standard Supplied Components

Standard Purchased components furnished on the Tri-Mer Corporation Wet Scrubbers are as follows:

  • Dwyer magnehelic differential pressure gage for monitoring pressure drop.
  • Hayward or equal manual valves for water fill.
  • ASCO or equal electrically actuated solenoid valves for auto water fill.
  • Dwyer fresh water make-up flow meter.
  • ANSI or equal recirculation pump.
  • Signet or equal recirculation liquid flow meter.
  • Schedule 80 PVC plumbing.
  • Vinyl tubing with traps for differential pressure connections.
  • Fan.
Components Supplied By End User
  • Tie downs, guy wires, anchor bolts and foundations.
  • Field assembly.
  • Field wiring.
  • Fresh water and drain piping to supplied 150# flanges.
  • Mating flanges to customer connections, hardware and gaskets.
  • Interconnecting duct.
  • Heat tracing and insulation.
  • Remote chemical storage.

Industrial Scrubber Options

Electrical Control Panel: An electrical control panel with NEMA rated enclosure and fused main disconnect switch. Designed for 460 volt / 3-phase – 60 hertz electrical supply. Internal components of the control panel are pre-wired and terminal blocks are provided for connection of external control components to be done by contractor. A motor starter to operate the exhaust fan with pushbutton controls mounted on the front of the enclosure. Power lines to the motor must be furnished and installed by the installation contractor. Electrical devices are designed and built in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC). No other codes, standards, or specifications are followed unless a specific agreement has been obtained in writing.


  • pH Control: pH sensor, analyzer, chemical metering pump. Components may be factory installed or shipped loose for remote customer location.
  • Automatic Liquid Level Control: level sensors, and water make-up solenoid valve.
  • High and Low Level Alarms: level sensors and controls in optioned control panel.
  • Exhaust Blower: Polypropylene, PVC, FRP, mild steel, & stainless steel.
  • PLC Interface


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