Industrial Basket Strainer

Basket Strainer

Handles corrosive liquids
and strains particulate

Tri-Mer basket strainers are used for piping applications where a greater screen area to pipe area ratio is needed.

By maximizing screen area, the potential pressure loss through the basket is minimized. They are also used to protect industrial valves and nozzles from water issues. Manufactured from PVC and polypropylene, Tri-Mer inline basket strainers are compatible with the widest range of chemicals, including aggressive corrosives.


Strainers design allows a smaller size basket than would normally be specified if the basket was circular, saving space and dollars. Baskets can be manufactured for custom fit regarding pipe entrance and exit elevations.


The Tri-Mer Basket Strainers filter particulate 1/16″ in diameter and larger, and have a maximum flow rate of 1100 gpm. Basket strainers are 4″, 6″ and 8″; larger sizes are available through special order.


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