Fume Scrubber Specification

Fume Scrubber Specifications

Systems are 50 – 100,000 cfm

Fan/Separator is a 2-stage fume scrubber that is highly efficient at removing H2SO4 and other contaminants from the air stream.

Systems are fabricated from PVC, polypropylene, fiberglass overlaid PVC, 316 and 304 stainless steel, and mild steel. Capacities are up to 100,000 cfm. Tri-Mer Corporation holds the U.S. Patent #3,616,604 for and has manufactured Fan/ Separator fume scrubbers since 1966.

Operating Configuration

The scrubbing liquid wets the contaminant as it enters the fan, which allows it to be centrifugally spun out of the fan scroll through a process of dynamic mixing. The centrifugal action, using the fan wheel as part of the scrubbing process, eliminates approximately 55 percent of all air stream contaminants. Scrubber has dynamic scrubbing as the first stage and impingement as the second stage.


The impingement process causes the air to change direction as it passes across the rigid packing media. The packing media also acts as a mist eliminator section. The packing media is supplied in framed packs and provides 99 percent removal efficiency of 20 micron and larger liquid droplets under a continuous duty load. The scrubber contains a Venturi evacuation drain for continuous removal of scrubbing liquor. The Fan / Separator is a dry-sump system and will contain only residual liquid passing through the scrubber during any phase of operation.


This Specification defines the design requirements, the quality and types of workmanship and materials, and the performance standards and guarantees for equipment, materials and services supplied by Tri-Mer Corporation.


The vendor (Tri-Mer Corporation) shall furnish Fan / Separator Units complete with auxiliaries and options described herein. Each system shall include but is not limited to the following:

  • The Fan Separator and internals necessary to provide adequate liquid-process stream contact to achieve performance.
  • Mist eliminator to achieve entrained liquid separation.
  • Flanged connections for all external water fill, water makeup and drain piping as required and optioned.
  • Controls if optioned, to automatically feed water, and monitor pressure.
  • Complete shop coating of required areas with Epoxy or other resistant paint for external surfaces.
Separator Design Requirements
  • Fan / Separator units are low energy type. Internals are designed to prevent the accumulation of solids.
  • Fan / Separator Units are manufactured of PVC, polypropylene, stainless steel or mild steel. Vendor will select the most appropriate material for each application.
  • Scrubber and Fan and Separator section are designed and manufactured together as an integral-operating machine.
  • Separator section is provided with clear view-ports for accessibility and inspection of equipment during operation.
  • Inspection ports are positioned to facilitate the ease of operation and inspection.
  • Flanged pipe connections are provided for the introduction of water as well as drainage.
  • Contaminants enter the eye of the fan where they are treated with a fog mist of scrubbing liquor.
  • Fan and motor are designed for a static pressure capability of the specified pressure drop through the Fan / Separator plus external pressures for the customer’s ductwork losses.
  • Sound levels generated by the equipment during normal operation will not exceed 85 dB-weighted, slow response, under free field condition, at a horizontal distance of 10 feet from the surface of sound generation.
  • Vendor provides electric motor and drives for each unit. Vendor is responsible for the selection of the motor characteristics and the motor mounting.
  • All electrical equipment provided by the vendor is supplied in NEMA rated enclosures.
  • All equipment manufactured by Tri-Mer Corporation is warranted under the standard Tri-Mer Corporation one-year warranty. All purchased components are warranted under the respective manufacturer warranty.
Standard Supplied Components

Standard Purchased components furnished on the Tri-Mer Corporation Fume scrubbers are as follows:

  • Dwyer Magnehelic differential pressure gage for monitoring pressure across filter pack.
  • ASCO or equal electrically actuated solenoid valve for inlet spray.
  • Schedule 80 PVC plumbing.
  • Hayward or equal valves.
  • Vinyl tubing with traps for differential pressure connections.
  • Fan section with standard EPACT 460/3/60 TEFC Motor.
Components Supplied By End User
  • Tie downs, guy wires, anchor bolts and foundations.
  • Field assembly.
  • Field wiring.
  • Fresh water and drain piping to supplied 150# flanges.
  • Mating flanges to customer connections, hardware and gaskets.
  • Connecting duct from process. (See Options).
  • Heat tracing and insulation.
  • Electrical Control Panel: An electrical control panel with NEMA rated enclosure and fused main disconnect switch. Designed for 460 volt / 3-phase – 60 hertz electrical supply. Internal components of the control panel are pre-wired and terminal blocks are provided for connection of external control components to be done by contractor. A motor starter to operate the exhaust fan with pushbutton controls mounted on the front of the enclosure. Power lines to the motor must be furnished and installed by the installation contractor. Electrical devices are designed and built in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC). No other codes, standards, or specifications are followed unless a specific agreement has been obtained in writing.
  • Duct: Tri-Mer Corporation offers design and manufacture of duct systems in PVC, Polypropylene and FRP.
  • Re-circulation Tank: A remote tank with level control and pump, provided for circulation of scrubbing liquor.
  • PLC Interface:

A programmable logic controller (PLC) shall mediate control of system functions. The programmable controller shall be mounted within the control panel enclosure.

The programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is Allen Bradley or equal.

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