Fume Exhausters

Fume Exhausters

For corrosive fumes and gases

Tri-Mer Fume Exhausters have housings of solid polypro or PVC, so corrosion-resistance is high, and there is no risk of delamination. Impellers have a backwardly-inclined, non-overloading design.

Fume Exhausters are available in Belt Drive and Direct Drive configurations. They are well-suited to HVAC applications, and for use with air scrubbers, metal finishing systems and chemical processing equipment. Vibration and noise are both very low, and silencers are usually not required to meet OSHA standards. They are an excellent replacement where original equipment has deteriorated from exposure to aggressive exhausts. Tri-Mer fume exhausters can be piped in parallel for high air volume applications.


Tri-Mer fume exhausters operate at up to 82°C and pressures to 0,074bar. Capacities range from 85 Am³/h to 255.880 Am³/h. Units are available with variable frequency drives and are engineered for easy retrofitting. Expert applications assistance is available.


Polypropylene & PVC Fume Exhausters

Standard features

  • Flexible inlet connection
  • Flanged outlet
  • Polypropylene or PVC belt guard
  • Polypropylene or PVC shaft guard
  • Drain
  • Painted carbon steel base
  • Cleanout door (model 15 & up)

Optional features

  • Flexible, flanged outlet connection
  • Flexible, flanged inlet connection
  • Motor weather cover
  • Vibration isolators
  • 2-speed motor

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