Exhaust Blowers Specifications

Exhaust Blowers

Specifications for systems ranging from 800-10,000 cfm

This Specification defines the design, quality and types of workmanship and materials, and the performance standards and guarantees for exhaust blowers.


Tri-Mer Corporation shall furnish exhaust blower(s) with auxiliaries and options described. Each exhaust blower includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Housing and internals necessary to provide adequate chemical resistance and flow to achieve performance.
  • Frame coated to resist specific chemicals as noted in process description.
  • TEFC motors are standard.
  • Impeller material is specified based on airstream components; the most common choices are 316L SS and FRP-coded carbon steel.
Exhaust Blowers Design
  • Exhaust blower housings are manufactured of PVC or Polypropylene. Vendor will select the most appropriate material for the application.
  • Testing is in accordance with AMCA standards.
  • Bearings shall be visible and accessible for inspection and maintenance. Bearing life shall have a minimum of 20,000 hours at a L10 rating.
  • The blower motor shall be designed for a static pressure capability of the specified pressure drop.
  • The sound levels generated by the Vendor furnished equipment during normal operation shall not exceed 85 dBA-weighted, slow response, under free field condition, at a horizontal distance of 10 feet from the surface of sound generation.
  • Vendor shall provide electric motor and drives for each unit. Vendor shall be responsible for the selection of the motor characteristics and the motor mounting.
  • Specially designed shaft seals shall be provided with the blower, assuring no internal liquors or air stream to be in contact with the fan shaft.
  • An access port shall be provided on the housing to allow for impeller inspection.
  • Impeller construction shall be of an appropriate material designed to withstand attack of contaminants in the air-stream.
  • Fan impeller wheels shall be a minimum of Class II, with Class III and Class IV available.
  • All equipment manufactured by Tri-Mer Corporation is warranted under the standard Tri-Mer Corporation one-year warranty. All purchased components are warranted under the respective manufacturer warranty.
Supplied Components

Standard purchased components furnished on Tri-Mer Corporation exhaust blowers are as follows:

  • Browning or equal drive package
  • Fan Base epoxy-paint black
  • Bolted inspection door
  • Drain at low point in housing
  • Flanged outlet
  • Fan with standard efficiency TEFC motor
  • Polypropylene or PVC shaft and bearing guard
Components Supplied by End User
  • Tie downs, guy wires, anchor bolts and foundations
  • Field assembly
  • Field wiring
  • Drain piping
  • Mating flanges to customer connections, hardware and gaskets
  • Connecting duct from process (see options)
  • Heat tracing and insulation
  • Motor weather cover
  • Disconnect
  • Isolators
  • Flex connectors
  • Exhaust stack
  • Backdraft dampers

Horizontal (crossflow) scrubber shown with redundant recirculation pumps and Tri-Mer Exhaust Blower.
Scrubber and blower are constructed of UV White Polypropylene.

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