Dust Collection System

Dust Collection System for Steel Fabrication

Case study

A leading manufacturer of facility structural products chose a 5000 cfm Tri-flow dust collection system for particulate from laser cutting, plasma cutting and welding operations.

The six PTFE filters in the system are MERV 15 rated, and collect all particulate, including submicron particulate, at 99.999% efficiency or better.


Filter elements have a life 3-5X that of conventional bag or cartridge filters. Aerodynamic gasketing optimizes the efficiency of the system’s pulse-jet cleaning system; media is pleated and continuously bonded for maximum dimensional stability and filter integrity.


For companies who fabricate with steel and other metals, the Tri-flow dust collection system is an economical and effective alternative.


Tri-Flow filtration is also available in an environmental enclosure that’s ideal for manufacturing environments.


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