Chrome Scrubber Specifications

Chrome Scrubber Specifications


System design, recirculation, optional features

The C/E-1 Chrome Scrubber is a low energy system which generates less than 8″ of internal static pressure. Average water consumption for a 20,000 cfm unit is just 15 gallons per hour.

C/E has no internal moving parts to wear or replace, and chrome can be recovered from both the gas stream and the filter.

The standard C/E-1 is Type I Grade 1 gray PVC, the material recommended for high chrome applications. The estimated minimum service life of a filter is 5 years under continuous use. This specification defines the design requirements, the quality and types of workmanship and materials, and the performance standards and guarantees for equipment, materials and services supplied by Tri-Mer Corporation.


Tri-Mer Chrome Scrubbers are provided with auxiliaries and options described here.

  • All scrubber internals necessary to provide adequate process capture and to achieve the designed performance.
  • Pack sections necessary to achieve required separation.
  • Flanged connections for all external water fill, water makeup and drain piping as required and optioned.
  • Controls if optioned, to automatically feed make-up water, control liquid level, monitor pressure.
  • Fan if optioned.
  • Complete shop coating with corrosion – resistant paint for external surfaces.
  • Remote recycle tank if optioned.

Design Requirements
  • Housing construction is Type I Grade 1 gray PVC, including internals.
  • Material thickness is 3/16″ to 3/8″ PVC, structurally- reinforced depending on location.
  • Exterior flanges are PVC, angle welded to housing for standard duct hookup.
  • Interior flanges are PVC, angle and structural material welded to housing.
  • Liquid connections are standard PVC threaded, socket or 150# flanged.
  • Liquid distribution system includes 14 to 18 BETE TF Series or equal open orifice, non- clogging, spiral- type nozzles to provide complete coverage of the eliminator pad faces. Nozzles are mounted in removable spray-headers.
  • Stage #1 packing media is cartridge type patented mist eliminator pad in polypropylene construction approximately 5″ thick.
  • Stage #1 irrigation is continuous.
  • Stage #2 packing media is cartridge type patented mist eliminator pad in polypropylene, approximately 4″ thick.
  • Stage #2 irrigation is an intermittent (timed) fresh water feed. Stage #2 shall include a pressure regulator, solenoid valve and cycle timers as required for a completely operational system.
  • Stage #3 packing media is a cartridge type patented mist eliminator pad, polypropylene construction, approximately 5″ thick.
  • Stage #3 irrigation is an intermittent (timed) fresh water feed. Stage #2 includes a pressure regulator, solenoid valve and cycle timers as required.
  • An optional fourth stage includes a single bank of dry media filters capable of handling and operating under a completely saturated air stream. No irrigation is required on stage #4.
  • Cartridge housing is constructed of formed polypropylene channel with handles. PVDF thread attaches eliminator pads to cartridge.
  • Scrubber base construction is mild steel fabricated channel with epoxy coat resistant to chemicals in operational area.
  • Pressure drop across each stage is read with Dwyer (or equal) magnehelic gages with pointer flags.
  • Inlet and outlet transitions mate with scrubber unit and are structurally- reinforced Type 1 Grade 1 gray PVC.
Standard Model Chrome Scrubber Recirculation System
  • Material is Type I, Grade 1, gray PVC.
  • Tank is external to the scrubber.
  • Removable pump is securely mounted to the tank cover.
  • Pump is one vertical chemical duty centrifugal type, suitable for continuous duty.
  • Pump is single speed, 3450 RPM, 230/460/3/60 TEFC.
  • Tank contains a switch to indicate low liquid level situation by audible alarm and to shut off re-circulation pump.
  • Tank contains all PVC valves, plumbing, and fittings as required.
  • Tank has a hinged access door to allow visual and physical inspection.
  • Tank has one 3″ diameter threaded half coupling for overflow.
  • Tank has one 2″ diameter threaded half coupling for drain.
  • Pump discharge plumbing contains a pressure regulator for re-circulation flow control and monitoring.
  • Recirculation tank is of sufficient capacity and structural rigidity for its intended service. Tank freeboard with overflow is of sufficient volume to contain liquid suspended in supply and return piping.


Electrical Control Center (see options)
  • Electrical control panel shall be designed to interface with the scrubber system operation, and to include one HP blower motor starter, one HP pump motor starter, pushbuttons, relays, timers, and controls as required. Controls are Allen Bradley, Square D or equal.
  • NEMA Electrical enclosure, 460/3/60, designed for continuous duty.
  • Electrical design is in accordance with NEC standards.


Standard Supplied Components

Standard purchased components furnished on Tri-Mer Corporation Wet Scrubbers are as follows:

  • Dwyer Magnehelic differential pressure gage for monitoring pressure drop across each stage.
  • Hayward or equal manual valves.
  • ASCO or equal electrically actuated solenoid valves.
  • Dwyer fresh water make-up flow meter.
  • ANSI or equal recirculation pump.
  • Schedule 80 PVC plumbing.
  • Vinyl tubing with traps for differential pressure connections.
  • Fan (See Options).


Components Supplied By End User
  • Tie-downs, guy wires, anchor bolts and foundations.
  • Field assembly.
  • Field wiring.
  • Fresh water and drain piping to supplied 150# flanges.
  • Mating flanges to customer connections, hardware and gaskets.
  • Interconnecting duct (see options).
  • Heat tracing and insulation.
  • Remote chemical storage.



  • Electrical Control Panel: An electrical control panel with NEMA 12 enclosure and fused main disconnect switch. Designed for 460 volt / 3-phase – 60 hertz electrical supply. Internal components of the control panel are pre-wired and terminal blocks are provided for connection of external control components to be done by contractor. A motor starter to operate the exhaust fan and recycle pump with pushbutton controls mounted on front of the enclosure. Power lines to the motor must be furnished and installed by the installation contractor. Electrical devices are designed and built in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC). No other codes, standards, or specifications are followed unless a specific written agreement has been obtained.
  • Exhaust blower constructed of polypropylene, PVC, FRP, mild steel, stainless steel.
  • PLC with HMI interface.


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